Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills Year Round

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills Year Round
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Are you getting higher electricity bills? Want to take steps to take care of energy costs? Canadians know that winter time comes much sooner than they expect. Freezing temperatures can be seen in major part of Canada and it takes a toll on Canadians with high-cost heating bills. Likewise, you will use energy differently in the spring and summer by switching on your air conditioner. A good amount of electricity has also been consumed for lighting purposes, washing machines, dishwashers, ironing, using computers and other gadgets. The use of energy for varied purposes doesn’t have to put a hole in your pocket as there are several ways that you can consider to trim down your electricity bills.

Here Are Some Ways That Can Be Used To Minimize Your Energy Bills Year Around:

1.Dial Down Your Thermostat

It is one of the most popular tricks when it comes to energy-saving. Cranking down your thermostat really helps in saving money. By setting your thermostat back just 1 degree, you can save about 3% off your heating bills. With this small step of dialing down the heat you can able to save $12 a month if your average energy bill on a cold winter month is $400. In freezing Canadian winter, there are plenty of other ways that can be used to stay warm like turning down the heat when you go to work, putting up a layer of more sweaters and warm slippers to stay warm, putting a space heater in the living room and also by staying toasty without having to heat up the whole house.

2.Turn To The Cold Dial For Energy Savings

Set your washing machine to cold water instead of hot. Washing clothes in hot water can consume up to 80% more energy than washing in cold. It actually depends on the age of your washing machine. For energy savings, turn the dial to cold to clean clothes.

3.Invest In LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are up to ten times more effective than fluorescent lights, and way more energy efficient than the conventional lights. So replace all your ceiling lights and bathroom lights with LED lighting products to save energy.

4.Switch Off The Lights And Other Electronic Gadgets When Not In Use

You can begin saving your energy bills by adopting the habit of not leaving the room without taking care of the electronic appliances in your room. Turn off all the appliances before leaving, even if you would come back in half an hour. This can really help. Turn off the laptop, TV, air conditioner and other electronic appliances and gadgets when you are not using them during the day or every time you exit a room when going out.

5.Learn The Proper Use Of Electric Tools In Your Home

Power bills are not directly related to the number of appliances you are using, but it is related to the way you use them instead. Keep your air conditioner at a normal temperature of 25 degree Celsius. Switch off your laptop when you are not using it, use washing machine only when you have full load of clothes.

6.Get A Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can able to adjust the temperature according to your schedule. About 60% of your annual hydro bill goes toward heating your home, which makes the cost rise about 5% for every degree above 20 that you set the thermostat. So get the programmable one right away.

7.Install An Aerator

Leaking hot water faucet could be enough to fill at least four bathtubs per month. So, instead to fixing leaky faucets on regular basis, you can consider installing an aerator that can significantly reduce your water usage.

8.Time Your Electricity Use In Winter

Electricity use in Canada peaks two times in a day in the winter when most people get up in the morning and turn up the heat to take a shower, to make coffee and doing other household work and when they come home at night after office and turn on the lights and start making dinner, etc. So, during these hours of the day, electricity consumption is the highest in demand and thus the cost rises. So, take care of the use of power consumption during the course of time.

9.Time Your Electricity Use In Summer

During the summer, electricity use peaks in between 11am to 5pm when more people start to run their air conditioners on higher settings. Try to consume less electricity in the peak time, so your costs can be reduced.

10.Keep Your Fridge Stocked

If you don’t want your fridge to work as hard to stay cool, just keep your fridge and freezer full. Cold items in the appliance help to retain cold when the fridge door is open as it allows the cool air to recover more quickly once the door has been closed. If your fridge is big in size and is often empty, try to fill it with water containers to help fill the gaps. However, you just need to make sure about leaving enough space for air to circulate for optimal performance.

11.Add More Insulation To Your Home

It requires your home to be properly insulated if you want to keep outdoor air from getting inside the home or conditioned indoor air from escaping outside. Therefore, it has to be your top priority to add right amount of insulation to your attic and unfinished basement followed by exterior and interior walls, floors and also around windows and doors. Just make sure that your insulation has a tight fix when insulating your home.

12.Install A Tankless Water Heater

Conventional water heaters tend to waste a lot of energy storing and keeping water warm in a large tank. Thanks to tankless water heater water can quickly heat up when needed because they don’t store water and use very little energy.

13.Minimize Water Usage

Using less water is one of the smart ways to save on your energy bills. You can cut down the use of water by installing energy efficient shower heads and aerators on faucets. These devices limit the amount of water that comes out of the tap without lowering the water pressure.

14.Use Fans

Fans consume less electricity than air conditioners and are usually good enough for your cooling needs during the night. Fans can also be used to ventilate attics and take out hot air that rises to the top of the house.

15.Clean And Change Your Furnace Filter At Regular Interval

Keep your furnace clean helps your furnace to run more efficiently. It should be done at least once a year. The filters should be replaced every three months. By making sure you regularly clean and change them, you can approximately save $50 each year on your energy bill.

16.Be Careful When Cooking

Preheat your oven only when baking and turn it off early to make use of remaining heat. Always ensure that the door stays sealed shut, as 20 per cent of heat can escape when opened. For saving electricity, keep the power levels as low as possible when boiling the water. Try to use smooth and flat-bottomed cookware, as they heat up quickly.

17.Choose Products Wisely

It is important to choose efficient products that will help you save money on your energy bills. Look for the Energy Guide, Energy Star and Energy Star Most Efficient symbols on products.

18.Examine Your Current Electricity Use

Look at your bills to learn how much your power costs and also how much power you use every month. When you get to know about your power consumption each month, plan your strategy to cut it down.

19.Get An Energy-Efficient Humidifier

Feel warmer during the cooler months by maintaining a humidity level of 30 to 40 per cent. Moist air usually retains heat better than dry air. So, if your home is arid you must use an energy-efficient humidifier.

20.Try Out Energy Saving Devices

A range of modern energy saving appliances and equipments exists that will help you save on your energy bills efficiently. Energy saving products available in the market includes solar charger, electricity monitor, night lights, water saving spout, eco kettle, energy saving plug and more. Using less energy with these products will not only recues your fuel bills but also helps in cutting down your carbon emissions which is commendable for our planet and future generations.


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